Differences between Qt cast and normal cast (and some questions about it)

  • Hi
    I want to know the differences between the cast like static_cast and (type)param

    some protocols' API will need `uint8_t*` param:
    `bool writedata(uint8_t* data);`
    but the data type from qt `QByteArray` is `char*`

    some blogs say that it's unsafe to use reinterpret_cast. Could you tell me how to use these casts?I can't find the information about this in wiki


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    Hi @Mihan,

    the absolutely clean way is indeed to have a uint8_t buffer[] and to memcpy the QByteArray contents to it.

    But if your API takes a const uint8_t *data pointer, I'd indeed go with reinterpret_cast:

    QByteArray ba = "...";
    const uint8_t *data = reinterpret_cast<const uint8_t *>(ba.constData());

    Note that functions non-const parameters (uint8_t *data) might modify the data, which can lead to unexpected side effects of any kind when they operate on the byte array data.



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    Out of curiosity, what Qt cast do you have in mind ? Is see only C/C++ cast in your post.

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