Z-order Assignment: is not a valid widget.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm making modifications in a code I've made some changes in ComboBox.
    After building the code, I am getting some issues (Snapshot Given). I;ve copied the code from another folder which was successfully building.

    I'm using Qt creator 5.6.1. Below are the changes that have been done and the issues snapshots.

    Previous Code:


    Modified Code:



    Kindly provide a concrete solution to eliminate these issues.


  • @Keechu
    I don't see any relationship between the warnings you show and the content in the screenshots. They're not even referring to the same file.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    It seems you manually edited the UI file and removed the
    <widget class = "QCombo" and left the file in
    an invalid state/format. broken.

    Please just use Design Mode to edit UI files.

  • Yes, I had manually edited the .ui file . This time I made changes in the Design mode but was still getting the same warning.

    **warning: Z-order assignment: 'buttonBox_serial_parameters' is not a valid widget.

    I'm using this button Box as one of the widgets so it is a valid widget.

    I'm adding values in the ComboBox, after changing I'm getting this warnings.

    Before changing it was compiling normally, but after the changes were made I was getting the warnings.

    Please provide a solution for the same.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Did that UI come from some old project or how did it start life ?

    I think its still a bit broken then. Maybe you did edit it before you tried in designer ?

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