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Any good QT and QML examples for newbies?

  • Hello everyone,

    I am looking to make a QT and QML app with the following structure.
    The app will run two CLI apps in the background. I have the c++ code for both apps.

    I want to have two buttons that trigger the apps.
    I want one input box that can pass a variable to the CLI app.

    I want some text boxes that store the latest output the CLI apps return.

    Are there any good examples for complete beginners that illustrate this?
    I basically want to be able to tie up some buttons to some CLI code, in both QML and QT.

    Thank you if you can help at all

    Edit: perhaps there could be a main c++ "app" that handles the other c++ code?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    No there's no example that does exactly what you describe. However the QML book is very good source to get started.

    Then take a look at the C++ integration part and QProcess.

  • Thank you for the quick reply. I will do more reading into it. Thank you!

    To be more specific, my c++ "apps" are quite simple.
    One app for instance takes a command line text argument, validates the text and prints out the result at the end.

    I use "int main(int argc, char *argv[])"

    It is all very basic. I would like to have some of these basic apps run side by side in the background. Is that a big issue? Will I need to consider things like threadings and timing of the code execution?

    Also, a very big question is debugging. Can I have the "c++ apps" open in terminal output windows next to the GUI while I am developing?

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    I thought you wanted to execute these apps from within your Qt Quick based app. Is it not the case ?

  • Well yes. I want to integrate the apps and execute them from within the qt GUI.

    Edit: I am going to read up on it more. I was just thinking there might be a very newbie friendly way to do that.

    Is there an obvious way to debug an app to see what is happening "in the background"? Can I have my c++ app run in the terminal window beside the GUI just to see if everything is working as it should? The rest I will figure out myself.

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    Ok, but what kind of window do you want them to open since they are console application ?

  • I would like to see a console next to the gui, but only during debugging

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    If it's only to see what your application is outputting, then you can connect the standard output and error related signals of QProcess and show the content of these two channels on a text edit control for example.

  • would this show me everything print() shows?

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    That's the goal of reading stdout

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