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incremental loading in table view without canFetchMore() and fetchMore()

  • i'm using a library which is based on qt.
    the library has a table model/view implementation.
    i need incremental populating for my table. however they do not have canFetchMore() and fetchMore() implemented.

    in what ways can i implement lazy loading anyways?

    one option i could think of was this:
    i have the following variables: chunkRows - i want to retrieve this many rows at a time, m_currRowCount - the number of row currently loaded

    1. set initial row count = chunkRows
    2. in data() i do this check:
    if (index.row() + chunkRows >= m_currRowCount)
        m_currRowCount += chunkRows;
    return the data;

    this approach doesn't work. in my table i get only the first chunkRows items.

    please help :(

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    What do you mean by "they do not have" ?
    What kind of model are you using ?

  • @SGaist
    i mean if those methods were implemented, i could make use of those for implementing lazy loading.
    the model is derived from QAbstractTableModel, this is a part of data(), where m_pModel is a vector of vectors:

    QVariant TableModel::data(const QModelIndex& index, int role) const
    	int nRow = index.row();
    	int nCol = index.column();
    	if (nRow < 0 || nRow >= m_pModel->getRowCount() || nCol < 0 || nCol >= m_pModel->getColumnCount())
    		return QVariant();
    	if (role == Qt::DisplayRole)
    		QString sStr;
    		m_pModel->getText(nRow, nCol, sStr);
    		return sStr;

    i tried to increase the row count in m_pModel->getRowCount() implementation, but i guess the problem why that idea doesn't work is that the actual data isn't called for those increased rows, therefore, m_pModel->getText() isn't called either.

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