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PyQt5: Could not find QWebEngineProcess.exe, perhaps a unicode problem?

  • When loading a page onto a QWebEngineView, the process crashes with just this error:

    Could not find QWebEngineProcess.exe

    I can verify that QLibraryInfo.LibraryExecutablesPath points to the correct location and that QWebEngineProcess.exe is indeed there, except for one thing. When I try printing that path (Using print and QLibraryInfo.location) the unicode part of the path was brokenly encoded/decoded. Could that be why it can't find QWebEngineProcess.exe?

  • @midn Maybe.

  • And? I can't really say anything else, this is all I know of concerning the problem, and taking it out of a Unicode path is out of the question.

  • @midn

    the unicode part of the path was brokenly encoded/decoded

    I don't know, maybe you would get some help if you showed what this was? Or, perhaps you ought check it can find all its required dependent libraries. Or, did you build Qt yourself, or get it pre-built, and is the QWebEngine stuff fully at the same/latest version (I believe it;s a separate option in downloads, or did you maybe try a reinstall? I & others use QWebEngineProcess stuff, from PyQt and on Windows & Linux (myself), and it works fine without such a problem, so it's hard to know what your issue might be....

  • I simply did "python -m pip install pyqt5" and "python -m pip install pyqtwebengine". On Linux it works fine, but on Windows it breaks with this error.

    The Unicode part should spell Адміністратор. At the beginning it calls print(QLibraryInfo.location(QLibraryInfo.LibraryExecutablesPath)), then I trigger the error.

    Could not find QtWebEngineProcess.exe

  • @midn
    It does not look great, does it?

    and taking it out of a Unicode path is out of the question.

    If I wanted to know, I would temporarily test, if I could, by installing/trying with a path which does not have this Unicode problem. Then I would know if that was indeed the problem.

    At this point --- unless you get a better answer here in a while --- I think I would go to the PyQt mailing list and report there. I'm not sure this will be a PyQt issue rather than a Qt one, but it might be, or if you ask nicely there are clever people there who might recognise if it's a Qt issue and explain anyway. Otherwise I guess it's the Qt bug reports.

  • Yup, that did indeed turn out to be the problem. I reinstalled Python directly to C:/ and it works without issues now. Though I'm very afraid this will take a while to bug fix, and I'm on a tight deadline :P.

  • Banned

    Yes strange or complicated file paths can cause issues when referencing a file and this applies to ALL programs because it has nothing to do with the program itself but how the OS and language is going to handle these strange/complicated file paths --- for instance while OS/languages can handle spaces within folder and file names these are never good ideas to include as it can cause issues -- it is always best to keep folder and file names in a simpler and friendly manner -- like instead of blanks use underscore or dashes -- Unicode of course is going to make a folder/file name complicated so unless absolutely necessary try to use a version that communicates what you want to communicate with out using the extended unicode alphabet -- it is just the nature of the beast -- you either make it system friendlier or you deal with the issues that crop up from time to time for not doing so

    Note: This is something I warn all users about because it is not even a developer level issue it can be a straight up user issue from time to time -- I had to deal with this as a Network Admin because sometimes folks would make these strange/complicated folder/file names and then things just did not always work like they should

  • Okay, but there must be some way to at least avoid the issue for now, no? I find it very strange that no one seems to have had this issue with QWebEngineView before with PyQt5.

  • Banned

    I think this might be because many folks do not use strange/complicated folder/file names for the very reason I have stated and others do not because they use the non-strange/non-complicated default folder/file names -- leaving a small subset of folks that might have this problem but only a few or none of these folks are using the QWebEngineView it not being a typical item used when using PyQt5

    Note the above are mere educated-guesses as to the why this has not made a major blip on the coding radar as of yet

    As to avoiding the issue -- yes you can avoid the issue by not having strange/complicated file/folder names -- you could do this by running a simple python program that goes through and identifies potentially dangerous names and lets you rename them to something not dangerous -- OR -- You could dive into those functions causing the issue and figure out the problem and fix it so that it works as you expect it to work

  • As I said, taking it out of a Unicode path is out of the question, because above you can see that the only Unicode part is the username, which I have no control over, and so far 100% of computers I've tested this on friend's computers have Unicode usernames.

  • @midn
    As I said to you earlier, at this point why not give a try asking over at the PyQt mailing list?

  • I messaged the address, it didn't seem to appear anywhere though. Perhaps I just don't know how to use mailing lists.

  • @midn
    Once you sign up you email questions to You should then be subscribed, and you will see a copy of the email you sent and any responses to it arriving in your Inbox.

  • Ah, didn't realize I had to be subscribed for it to count, thanks.

  • @midn
    Like I said, you have to go to page FIRST and from there fill in your details to sign up! Then (I think) you get an email confirming, and the email address of where to post your questions to. When you send a email to that, you get a copy back because you're subscribed to (everything) which gets posted to that group, and you get emails for everybody else's posts from them on. You look through those, hoping to see someone has replied to your post! :)

  • Banned

    Okay to help troubleshoot your issue I would suggest doing the following

    Value1 = QLibraryInfo.LibraryExecutablesPath()
    Value2 = QLibraryInfo.location(Value1)
    print(Value1, Value2)

    aka ascertain where the issue actually resides (note if my syntax above is wrong do fix it I was guessing)

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