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Macros for an existing Qt application?

  • I'm using Qt V4L2 test Utility on arch linux.
    Can i manipulate the user controls, like textboxes and buttons, from a BASH script or a Qt script?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What kind of manipulation do you have in mind ?

  • Like, entering text into textboxes and clicking buttons.
    Or, preferably, getting at the API behind the GUI.
    Preferably, without recompiling the Qt V4L2 test Utility app.


  • Do you have the sourcecode for the v4l2 app? What would be the purpose of scripting the action of the application? Usually the GUI is a wrapper over top of an API or system level command line utility. I'd suggest reverting to a command line v4l2 app and adding the gui or scripting over top of that.

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