How to include postinst file with my package?

  • hi there,

    the problem is that i want to change a database file permission to be able to write in.
    the only way that i found is to put postinst file in my package which contains the following script

    @chmod ugo=rw /home/user/myApplication/mydatabase.db@

    but when i put this file in my DEBIAN folder it is automatically removed when i build the project?
    So if you know a better way to do this , please tell me?
    Or tell me how can i bundle this file with my package?

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    How about having the application create the database if it is not there yet? Shipping files in /home seems awfully wrong to me.

    The permissions seem rather permissive to me: Why should others and the group be able to write to the database in the first place?

  • Hi Tobias Hunger,

    Thank you for your help.
    The database already deployed with my application so why i should create it?

    where Do you think that i should deploy the DB ?
    and about the permission there is no problem I could make it

    @chmod u=rw /home/user/myapp/myDB.db@

    Thank you

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    I don't know:-) I have hardly any experience with the Maemo/Meego/Harmattan.

    Anyway: In debian the postinst rule is supposed to go as a file called postinst right next to the debian/rules files that does all the packaging. The package building system is then responsible to put them into the DEBIAN folder inside the package.

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