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qmlc files modified in application bundle after start

  • I managed to successfully sign and notarize Qt app, but right after start, it modifies files in \Resources\ directory and the signature is no longer valid. Is there any way to prevent it or precompile?

    codesign --verify --verbose /Applications/
    /Applications/ a sealed resource is missing or invalid
    file modified: /Applications/
    file modified: /Applications/
    file modified: /Applications/
    file modified: /Applications/

    I'm using Qt 5.9.8 on macOS Mojave (10.14.6).

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    Why does your application modify its own bundle content ?

  • Hi,
    Well, that is the problem! I do NOT explicitly modify anything. Those are "system" qml files (Button.qml/Checkbox.qml) that apparently get compiled into .qmlc files. Main questions is why they are placed in the bundle? They appear after the launch of my App and invalidate all the macOS signature/notarization hell I went through before. (Just for the reference, my app is super hello-world QML app without anything special, just shows animation and saves a small text file to ~/Library/Application Support/MyApp/myfile.txt

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    To me it sounds like a Qt bug, perhaps you should report it on the bug tracker.

    In the meantime, what could help is to use custom prebuilding description from this documentation page.

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