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QObject::connect syntax in auto-generated ui cpp files

  • Hi, I am working on this project with Qt VS Tools (Qt 5.13.1/msvc2017_64) on VS2017. I really liked the Qt5 syntax of QObject::connect/disconnect() as it checks errors at compiling instead of runtime. However the auto-generated ui_$$$.cpp files from my tool are still using Qt4 SLOT/SIGNAL syntax. And it's not compatible with the Qt5 syntax - i.e. a connection defined by Qt4 syntax cannot be disconnected if the disconnect() is written in Qt5 syntax. I wonder if there is a way to configure the tool so it generates Qt5 syntax connect/disconnect from .ui files? Thanks a lot.

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    @Blue-AKKO I just checked the uic (the tool which generates the code from ui files) parameters and could not find anything for that. I suggest you ask on the Qt developers mailing list.

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