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About QSerialPort

  • Hi at all.
    I have some trouble with QSerialPort.
    I developed a application about Serial in Qt 5.12.2 kit. It work well.
    However, I can't build right application with the same source code, when I use another PC in Qt 5.12.5.
    Application can open and write Serial, but can't read (both sync or async).

    Then, I use three different PC to build the Serial Example which Qt creator provides. All can build right target in Qt 5.12.2, but not in Qt 5.12.5 or Qt 5.13.1. I also try MinGW and msvc.

    I hope anyone can help me.

    P.S. The application built by Qt 5.12.2 can work with Virtual and Physical Serial. The app built by 5.12.5 can't work both. The app built by 5.13.1, I only test Virtual Serial.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    This is a known issue: QTBUG-78086. It's fixed and will be part of Qt 5.12.6 and 5.13.2.

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    This post is deleted!

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