auto-open keybord for first listview textinput item

  • hi,

    i try to programatically open android‘s keyboard after my dialog opened.
    that dialog contains a list view, that holds a delegate, that contains of rectangles and textinputs.

    what‘s the qml way of auto-showing keyboard and allowing users text input to be put into first textinput in list?

    i already managed opening keyboard by showKeyboard() but it does not put characters into any textviews...

    regards, armin

  • @armin2 hi
    make sure your text input has focus property set to true

    TextInput {
      id: textInput
      focus: true

  • focus is set, but doesnt work. keystrokes just get lost.

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    ListView {
        Component.onCompleted: {
             var firstItem = myView.itemAtIndex(0)

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