QtWayland compositors are lagging

  • Hi there,

    I was wondering if anyone on this list has experience with Wayland compositors.

    I am working on a project, that requires two processes (on an embedded Linux system) to be displayed at the same time. We thus chose to use a Wayland compositor based on the minimal-qml example of QtWayland. However, we now noticed that the sliders in the application exhibit a serious lag.

    We were able to reproduce this effect with a minimum example running within our Wayland compositor in an Ubuntu VM on my host computer. The example application consists of a single slider (QtQuick.Conntrols 2.12) and a simple infinite animation (to measure rendering performance).

    With the same application running in the Weston compositor, the lag was not noticeable.

    We also tested the application with other QtWayland compositor examples, and always observed the lag.

    I am now wondering if this issue is inherent to QtWayland or if I would be able to modify some configuration to achieve as similar performance than Weston does.

    Since the use case should be rather common, I would expect other people to have encountered/solved similar issues.

    I would be grateful for anyone sharing their experience.

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