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[SOLVED] Problems executing application in N9 (nothing is published to the device)

  • I have a strange problem with my Nokia N9. I have followed all instructions to setup my development environment:

    • Installing Qt SDK on Mac OS X
    • Connecting device to Qt SDK
    • Configuring device access in Qt Creator
    • Creating and running Hello World application with Qt SDK

    from Nokia Developer:

    Everything seem to work. I can test the connection to the device and get the process listing. Then when I try to start my application in the device I always get the error message that application can not be found (Application Output):
    @Killing remote process(es)...
    Starting remote process ...
    Remote process started.
    /opt/kuikka/bin/kuikka: not found
    Killing remote process(es)...
    Finished running remote process. Exit code was 127.

    In the compile output it says that the application is installed successfully:
    @Preparing SFTP connection...
    Starting upload...
    Successfully uploaded package file.
    Installing package to device...
    (Reading database ... 40434 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace kuikka 0.0.1 (using .../kuikka_0.0.1_armel.deb) ...
    Unpacking replacement kuikka ...
    Setting up kuikka (0.0.1) ...
    aegis-installing kuikka (from '')
    Package installed.
    Deployment finished.

    And if I look from the device terminal, there is nothing deployed to the /opt folder. I have tried with two different mobile Qt projects, but the same result. Any ideas why this happens?

    My setup is:
    Mac OS X (10.6.8)
    Qt Creator 2.3.0 (Qt 4.7.4 64 bit)

  • I have no experience about Macs (well, not with developing non-Mac / iOS software on one that is) but if the device Test goes through OK, you clean-build the app for the Harmattan target and hit Debug it should push the app over ok. At least that's how it works on Linux. Sorry, can't really be of much help :)

  • Is there a solution for this? I'm getting similar response when trying to build the bare qt quick application who's target is only a Harmattan device. Re-installed QtCreator and still the same problem. I had this before and managed to overcome it but now can't remember what I did and can't find a solution using Google.

  • You have the deployment configured?

    You use the invoker on your .desktop files?
    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=/usr/bin/invoker --type=d -s /opt/YourApp/bin/YourApp

  • I had the QtCreator that came with the latest Qtsdk, 2.3.x. Updating creator made this problem go away.

  • I'd already gave up this until yesterday when I installed the newest version of Nokia SDK:
    Qt Creator 2.4.1
    Based on Qt 4.7.4 (64 bit)
    Built on Jan 25 2012 at 12:40:26

    First I had troubles connecting the phone at all (SSH server was not responding on device) but when I learned the right sequence to connect/start things, it stated to work. No relevant here. the end the exact same error reproduces like earlier... I've tried all the proposals suggested above (thanks for trying) but nothing seems to help. It seems that application installation on device just fails somehow. I do not know whether the installation package is even uploaded to the tmp folder, it is not there after the failing deployment, but I think it is deleted automatically (at least is should).

    Could someone please upload here the whole Compile Output and Application Output from a rebuild case where a Qt Quick (or other mobile) application starts in N9? It might help to compare a successful logs to my failing ones.

  • Problem Solved!!

    Finally when I started to investigate the build log I found a place where:
    dh_clean -k

    Add here commands to install the package into debian/testi555.

    /usr/bin/make INSTALL_ROOT="/Users/blabla/coding/Qt/Nokia SDK/testi-build-harmattan-Harmattan_Target__Qt_SDK__Release"/debian/testi install
    /bin/sh: line 0: test: /Users/blabla/coding/Qt/Nokia: binary operator expected

    After some googling I found a topic about similar case:

    There cannot be any white spaces in the path where the Qt Creator project is!! I had the folder "Nokia SDK" there and all these strange things happened and nothing got compiled by MADDE. After renaming the folder to "Nokia_SDK" it started to work!

    Doh! Hopefully this post helps someone else that has the same problem...

  • @aleffe Great Job! It is the biggest issue of Qt Creator.

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