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Qt3D examples crashing on Mac OS Catalina

  • Hi,

    I have an application using Qt 5.13.1 that uses Qt3D that has started to crash on Mac OS Catalina. I also tried a few of the exampes (3d shapes) and that is also crashing.

    Does anyone have any workarounds?


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    sounds like a serious issue and you should bring this to


    You can/should link your ticket in this thread, so others can follow it as well

  • Thanks, I have created this bug for the issue:


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    Please add information about your hardware. It might be related to your graphics card or the driver.

  • I have a similar issue. First, when opening Qt 3D Simple QML Example, I get the following:

    /Users/chris/Qt/5.12.5/clang_64/mkspecs/features/mac/default_post.prf(19): 'versionAtLeast' is not a recognized test function.
    Project WARNING: Qt requires at least version 10.13 of the platform SDK, you're building against version 10.15. Please upgrade.
    /Users/chris/Qt/5.12.5/clang_64/mkspecs/features/mac/default_post.prf(30): 'versionAtMost' is not a recognized test function.
    Project WARNING: Qt has only been tested with version 10.15 of the platform SDK, you're using 10.15.
    Project WARNING: This is an unsupported configuration. You may experience build issues, and by using
    Project WARNING: the 10.15 SDK you are opting in to new features that Qt has not been prepared for.
    Project WARNING: Please downgrade the SDK you use to build your app to version 10.15, or configure
    Project WARNING: with CONFIG+=sdk_no_version_check when running qmake to silence this warning.

    Then, when running in Debug, I get the following crash log:

    Thread 19 Crashed:: Qt3DRender::Render::RenderThread
    0 com.apple.AppKit 0x00007fff38c4ab5c -[NSOpenGLContext setView:] + 229
    1 libqcocoa.dylib 0x0000000106b4a50f QCocoaGLContext::setDrawable(QPlatformSurface*) + 1199
    2 libqcocoa.dylib 0x0000000106b49eb2 QCocoaGLContext::makeCurrent(QPlatformSurface*) + 338
    3 org.qt-project.QtGui 0x0000000102c8ecac QOpenGLContext::makeCurrent(QSurface*) + 172
    4 org.qt-project.Qt3DRender 0x00000001025c323a Qt3DRender::Render::GraphicsContext::makeCurrent(QSurface*) + 26
    5 org.qt-project.Qt3DRender 0x00000001025e4272 Qt3DRender::Render::SubmissionContext::beginDrawing(QSurface*) + 50
    6 org.qt-project.Qt3DRender 0x000000010259130f Qt3DRender::Render::Renderer::doRender(bool) + 959
    7 org.qt-project.Qt3DRender 0x0000000102590f3b Qt3DRender::Render::Renderer::render() + 27
    8 org.qt-project.Qt3DRender 0x0000000102469ce0 Qt3DRender::Render::RenderThread::run() + 48
    9 org.qt-project.QtCore 0x00000001037044a3 QThreadPrivate::start(void*) + 323
    10 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff72bd1d76 _pthread_start + 125
    11 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff72bce5d7 thread_start + 15

    Full log:

    Could this message be important?
    Application Specific Information:
    -[NSOpenGLContext setView:] must be called from the main thread.

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