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Webassembly: module QtQuick.Shapes is not installed

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to use QtQuick.Shapes in a Qt webassembly project with Qt 5.13.1 but keep getting following error:

    module "QtQuick.Shapes" is not installed

    It's possible to reproduce this issue with "Shapes" example and prebuilt Qt 5.13.1 installed using the Qt Maintenance Tool. The example application compiles and runs in the browser but no shapes are displayed and browser console shows this error.

    The Qt installation contains QtQuickShapes folder in


    Similar question has been asked and resolved here:
    and before that asked but not resolved here:

    I'm building the application on Ubuntu 18.04 64bit and using Firefox and Chromium from repositories to run it. I'm able to build and run QML applications that don't use QtQuick.Shapes successfully with this kit.

    Is this an error on my side or a bug?

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