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QJsonObject: Notation error

  • Hi,

    I'm using QJsonObject a lot, but now I got an notation error that is appearing only in one single Qt class of my project.

    I'm always using this notation type:

    double x = json["a"]["b"]["c"].toDouble();

    So, inside my Qt class I typed:

    double start = config["temperature"]["start"].toDouble();

    But I got this error message:

    error: no viable overloaded operator[] for type 'QJsonValueRef'

    If I change the JSON notation to this line below, it works good:

    double start = config["temperature"].toObject().value("start").toDouble();

    Why this is happening? Why I can use the first notation above?

    My class:

    #include <QJsonObject>
    class Step_Density
        QJsonObject _config;

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    What does temperature contain ?

  • @SGaist , the config is a QJsonObject.

    The content of config is:

                "start": 0.0,
                "end": 100.0

    What is wrong in the first (clean) notation?

  • This is curious, but I think the problem is that operator[] can return either a QJsonValue or a QJsonValueRef.
    This seems to work:

        qDebug() << "Header info is " << static_cast<QJsonValue>(configObject["Header"])["Tag"].toString();

    So I think it's picking QJsonValueRef, since the documentation for QJsonValue clearly states that operator[] is
    Equivalent to calling toObject().value(key).

  • @mranger90 thank you,

    I type:

    qDebug() << "Header info is " << static_cast<QJsonValue>(_config["Header"])["temperature"].toString();

    and I got:

    Header info is  ""

    Yes, the operator [] is Equivalent to calling toObject().value(key), and I'm using this operator [] all the time in my project with QJsonObject.
    My doubt is: Why in this Step_Density class the operator [] is returning a QJsonValueRef and not a QJsonValue as always was.

    UPDATE 1:
    Just to help to understand the error I remove the start node and I got no errors. Like:

    double start = config["temperature"].toDouble();

    So, I think that the problem is related with the second JSON node...
    What it ca be?

  • This works for me (Qt 5.13.0, ubuntu 19.04)

        QJsonObject configObject = jsonDoc.object();
        if (configObject.isEmpty())
            qDebug() << "Json file is empty or root type is not an object (i.e. {})." << configObject;
        qDebug() << "Header info is " << static_cast<QJsonValue>(configObject["Header"])["Temperature"].toDouble();

    where the json file is:

        "Header": {
            "Tag": "Release 1.0",
            "Temperature": 42.24

  • @mranger90, I understand your notation, but I got no point about why this is happening now?

    Please, look my screen.
    I uncommment the "wrong line" after the Debug starts only to be more visible in this image.


    Could you help me to use the first notation?

    PS.: the type of the private member class called _T.start is double

  • The first notation does not work because, for reasons that are beyond my level of C++ expertise, the return of QJsonObject::operator[] is being interpreted as a QJsonValueRef, NOT a QJsonValue. Hence the cast I made.
    The only other suggestion is to do it in 2 steps:

    QJsonValue tempVal = _config["Temperature"];
    _T.start = tempVal["start"].toDouble();
    _T.end = tempVal["end"].toDouble();

  • @mranger90 said in QJsonObject: Notation error:

    he only other suggestion is to do it in 2 steps:

    Yes, I think that you are right...and your code works good. Thank you.

    Well..I can use problems! I just want to understand why this is hapenning...
    I will let this post opened, ok?

  • I know this is an old topic, but I got here from Google, so this might be helpful for others in the future. If we take a look at the qjsonobject.h file, we see:

        QJsonValue operator[] (const QString &key) const;
        QJsonValue operator[] (QLatin1String key) const { return value(key); }
        QJsonValueRef operator[] (const QString &key);
        QJsonValueRef operator[] (QLatin1String key);

    What determines the return type is the const keyword. This means that to use the syntax discussed in this thread, we need a const variable.

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