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This forum is now losing/duplicating posts

  • @AndyS
    OK, you're not going to like this, but this forum has now started losing/duplicating posts :( Before you say "no, no, no", I will bet my grandmother on this (if I had one), and I think I have proof!

    First, this morning I noticed My reply there (the second post). Now, that is indeed the text originally posted, but I edited it (a few hours later?) to add references to what I had written, I gave example code, and so on. I also distinctly remember checking that they had "taken", by revisiting/refreshing the page, and they were there. Really, really, really! At some point overnight, the thread has reverted to how it was originally --- or, the original has stayed the same, the edits were made in a "duplicate" which is no longer to be found.

    I realised as I was about to write this up that you would dismiss this as Alzheimer's on my part. But I happened to look the topics in this very sub-forum. And look what I found: --- that's the original when I first posted it --- the first post is the same, it's mine. Then you see other responses.
    Note the consecutive topic numbers --- what's going on here? :)
    OK, you may say that through my browser I must have created the topic twice with a second post.
    But note that in the second thread you can see I went back and put an EDIT in my post and resaved.
    Now, in the one I say I made edits and checked for sure that they were "accepted", but now they are not there. There is a certain similarity....
    BTW, I made the edits from a different computer from the one where I made the original post. Don't know if there is any significance to that, e.g. some caching messing.

    Coincidence? Or a really badly behaved forum somehow now? :( Happy hunting....

    Look at those "topic numbers", & Note they are consecutive. So far as I can see, when i go to I see topics in topic number order, which would make sense. However, as displayed is shown coming between my two. Is there a clue there?
    Ah, maybe I'm wrong here, the ordering is by date of latest response, not by id/date of created....

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    Thanks for letting me know. I will have to look at this from the database side to see what happened and I will get back to you.

  • @AndyS
    Thanks :) I will now keep an eye on edits etc., because lately a couple of times I had the feeling I had made edits, and later they had not "taken", but I wasn't sure, so I'll keep an eye out!

  • I can report similar experiences since the upgrade a while back. thread lists returning the wrong number of posts in a given thread, or incorrectly reporting the last post in a thread after knowingthat it has been updated. I noticed today that after a couple of browser refreshes the changes did show up on one thread in particular...thus indicating a sync/caching issue in the backend?

    More commonly I log on and see a thread with zero followup posts, then open the thread to respond and see three or four followups in it...and not followups posted in the time between seeing the thread in the list and opening it either.

  • @AndyS
    Now then. All of a sudden, my post there now does have my edits again! :) They have "walked back" ;-)

    I would guess that their "disappearance" has some deep-rooted connection to the mysterious "caching" we are seeing in posts/votes. It's like, for a while it reverted to some cached version before I did my edits, and now a week later it has decided to update to the correct version after my edits....

  • @AndyS
    And another thing/clue :)

    I see another of my posts. I made it this morning, later edited it. On that PC it showed the edit.

    Now from another PC it does not show the edit. Doubtless that will turn up in due course :) Yet strangely it does show the correct up-votes number, which have been made since the edit. So instead of right-post wrong-number of votes, I also get wrong-post right-number of votes!

    Which perhaps means that there is separate caching for posts (edits etc.) versus votes, each cache being able to get out-of-date. Just thought you'd be fascinated to hear ;-)

    And don't forget my "wrong font" half the time....!

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