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Notification that popup window is closed on IOS

  • Hi,
    We have new IOS with popup windows.
    Great, but my application is broken now, because resume signal (applicationDidBecomeActive) is not triggered.
    How do I get a notification that a pop-up window is closed?
    I don't have access to popup window code, because it is a framework.

    Have You any idea?

    I have overwritten QIOSViewController(ViewController) and ApplicationDelegate, so I have full access to UIViewController methods and QIOSApplicationDelegate callbacks.

    New controller is created by using:

    DPDotPayViewController* dotPayViewController = [[DPDotPayViewController alloc] initWithPaymentChannelList:channelList paymentDetails:paymentDetails];
    dotPayViewController.useLastChannelSelection = NO;
    dotPayViewController.paymentControllerDelegate = self;
    [self presentViewController:dotPayViewController animated:NO completion:NULL];

  • I just overwritten the class defintion and gained access to private methods.

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