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QPushButton stay pressed after released finger

  • Screenshot_2019-10-08-17-15-37.png


    I have a problem with my app (on Android), specifically with a QPushButton. A button remains pressed (see image above) if I execute the following procedure:

    1: Press and hold the button press with a first finger.
    2: With a second finger, press another spot on the screen.
    3: Release of the first finger.
    4: Releasing the second finger

    The picture shows the problem on the first ON / OFF button .

    This problem appears with all the buttons.

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you in advance.

  • As always, what is the Qt version etc...

    In version 5.12 Qt broke pressing-related events in Android, so I'd suggest trying with 5.11.3 and if that works, either stay there or capture mouse events in your Qt version and try to design a kludge to work around it.

  • I try with QT 5.6.0 and QT 5.13.1.

    What's a kludge ?


  • Hi,

    Has anyone ever encountered this problem?

    Is there a function to see if the smartphone screen is pressed or touched?

    I could possibly check every 100ms for example if the screen is touched or not to disable the key screen is not touched.
    What do you think ?


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