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Ignore/disable all stylesheet on run time

  • Hi guys,
    I work in an embedded platform which only supports "linuxfb" platform, so I don't have access to QML.
    In order to decorate my GUI appearance I have used many style sheets, also I tried to call setStyleSheet functions in start-up.
    By the way I think heavy use of style-sheets makes my program run slowly, and the GUI don't response as well.
    Is there any way to run my program without style-sheets ( ignore styles on run time) without removing any style-sheets from the code?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    As far as i know, no, there is not. .
    Never saw any ignore stylesheets option.

    Often one uses 1 stylesheet to control it all, and set it on
    QApplication. That makes it much easier to control
    than having stylesheets all over the app.

    However, it sounds that its a little late for doing it that way ?

  • @mrjj thanks. i put all styles in a function and call it on constructor , so i can comment it whenever i don't need it.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Ok that should also work just fine.

    I hope its not your stylesheet that is heavy :)

  • @mrjj It is unbelievable, heavy use of style-sheets makes my program run very slowly. i think "linuxfb" repaint all styles in each frame and make it slowly. now i am removing all stylesheets and re design program. :-(

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