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Wrong storage path on Android

  • After upgrading to Qt 5.13.1 (from Qt 5.11) I found out that QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::HomeLocation) returns wrong path. In fact I think that my whole app is installed to a wrong directory.

    The package name of my app is cz.jech.muzika, but the function above returns path /data/user/0/com.example.sabrim.sbrtest/files/. I have no idea where the package name com.example.sabrim.sbrtest comes from. I found it some Qt examples. Maybe it is somewhere incorrectly hard-coded.

    My phone is not rooted so I cannot check the paths and what is stored there. I have a lot of other problems which I do believe are all related to this issue. Should I file a bug report for it? Can somebody confirm this problem? Thank you.

  • You can use File Explorer Root Browser to see what's in that folder - it seems to work without rooting at least in my Huawei

  • Thank you, I found the problem. It was on my side. Strange that searching for the string in my whole project didn't find it, but the wrong path came a from a modification I did in build.gradle file.

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