Mobile TCP server problem

  • Hi !

    I'm developing a mobile client-server application using Qt 4.6.3. The server part resides on mobile device (Symbian), the client part is a desktop application.
    The problem is that no access point selection dialog appears when i make QTcpServer listen for incoming connections. The app works perfectly in simulator but on the device it doesn't. Below is the code fragment of which i'm unsure:

    @QTcpServer *accelServer;
    accelServer = new QTcpServer(this);
    if(!accelServer->listen(QHostAddress::Any, 9999))
    ui->textBrowser->setText(QString("Listening on %1:%2").arg(accelServer->serverAddress().toString()).arg(accelServer->serverPort()));

    When I run any application that initiates requests the system asks me for AP... But the server just starts saying "Listening on" and nothing happens.

    Do I have to initiate network connection manually ? And if so then what should i do for that ?

    Thanx in advance :)

  • For what do you need such scheme? Maybe it is possible to connect from mobile to desktop?

  • I haven't reviewed Max's code but I did want to share a link to prior work on mobile web servers. "Here": is an article by Mark Wilcox on Nokia's PAMP. It provides you with some motivation for why you'd want one.


  • You might need to use the Bearer Management API from Qt Mobility in order to get the access point selection going:

    [edit: Marek up link, Tobias Hunger]

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