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[Windows] QMediaPlayer Exception at 0x... in EVR!MFCreateVideoSampleAllocator Qt 5.9.5 msvc2017

  • Hello.

    I have an issue with QMediaPlayer, only on Windows. The same code is working well on Mac.

    errorString() returns an empty string but the error enum is "ResourceError".

    In Debug Mode, this exception (Exception at 0x... in EVR!MFCreateVideoSampleAllocator) is thrown.

    In release mode, the only thing I can see is that the Media resource could not be resolved, but I don't know what it means.

    Does somebody has any idea ? ty

  • Same issue with the Media Player example. I am able to compile it but i got the same exception in Debug Mode.

    In release mode, the Media Player example is unable to read my mp4 file. and shows an error in the console output : "DirectShowPlayerService::doRender Unresolved error code 0x80040266 (IDispatch error #102)" when I hit the "play" button.

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    What are the properties of that file ?
    Can you play it with the Windows system media player ?
    What version of Qt are you using ?

  • I can't play any file (files playable with system media player) with both my app and the example given in QtCreator. I'm using Qt5.9.5 (with msvc2017).

    Also, I don't know what to search with the "ResourceError" error returned by QMediaPlayer

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    Can you try with a more recent version of Qt ?

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