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qmlvideo: video not showing with linuxfb

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the qmlvideo application on our stm32mp1 board and qt 5.12.
    Using eglfs the application works properly and the mp4 video is shown correctly.
    However, if i switch to linuxfb playing the video only leads to a black screen while the
    fps counter is varying constantly and the correct timeline of the video is displayed in the bottom .
    There are no qt errors or warnings shown in the debug log. Also, playing the video with
    gstreamer and the linufb is worinking just fine. Thus, i dont really understand what the
    problem could be.
    Cheers and thank you very much

    Additional Infos:
    Using yocto linux (4.19) with no x11 and no wayland.

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