Qt maintenance tool crashes with unhandled win32 exception [37360]

  • Qt maintenance tool crashes with unhandled win32 exception [37360]

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Start Qt Maintenance Tool
    2. Click next, and skip
    3. Choose "Update Components". Now it's retrieving meta information.
      At the "Select Components" window, the following updates are checked:
      Qt Creator 4.10.0 (installed 4.7.2)
      Qt Creator 4.10 CDB Debugger Support (installed 4.7.2)
      Python ... License version 2 (installed 1.0.0)
    4. Click next, and then click Update. Now the text "Updating components of Qt" and a progress bar is drawn. One second later, I see "MaintenanceTool.exe has stoppen working" with a debug and close program option.
    5. Choose Debug. Now "Visual Studio just in time debugger" is opened, with the message "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Maintenancetool.exe [37360]"
    6. Choose "yes", so visual studio 2010 is started, then the message "invalid license data". comes up. Click close, and choose "no" at the question if you want to use another debugger. Now the maintenance tool is closed.

    Qt Maintenance Tool: Digital Signature signing time: "‎dinsdag ‎14 ‎mei ‎2019 13:08:26" Date modified 03-06-2019 8:46
    Windows 7 enterprise SP1 64 bit
    Qt: 5.11.1 mingw53_32

    How to get around this?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @cdwijs Any anti-virus software running?
    Also, you can file a bug report in Qt bug tracker.

  • @jsulm
    Yes, we have the antivirus software "Symantec Endpoint Protection" running. I can't disable that.
    I think this problem started a few weeks ago after I had successfully updated Qt, and then tried to install the next update a week later.

    I have created the bugreport here:

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