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starting a survival 2D game, looking for advice

  • Greetings !

    I'm a high-school student and for my project i have decided to make a game. I want to make a 2D game that's played from bird's eye view. It would be kinda a survival game where player crashes into an island with plane, there he will gather materials, craft items, kill mobs, explore caves and so on, and the way this game ends is that he has to build a ship so he can escape the island or something like that. I have some experience with Qt i have gone through some tutorials and so on and i still feel like i'm lacking knowledge on how to make a game like this, when i ask myself okay, caves, how will i implement caves and mobs inside them and so on, i feel lost and nervous. So if anyone knows anything else from where i could learn more about creating a game like this or anything that has to do with making games in Qt, please please let me know.

    And i'm sorry if my English is not as good, i hope you understood most of it :3

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you want to make everything yourself or use something like the Godot engine ?

  • @sgaist i wan't to make everything myself. Tho it looks nice, i might take a look at it, thank you very much!

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    2d in Godot is awesome and i can highly recommend it.
    Making caves in 2d is mostly a matter of graphics since its still just 2d.

    However, you could start looking into an algorithm to create random dungeons.

    There are many tutorials available which should help gettting started.
    The GDScript is like python but without the stupid self and generally very easy
    to work with and learn.

    Also the Godot editor allows easy extension of its system and you quite easily make a complete level editor with it.

    From all game engine, i have ever fiddled with, this one was the easiest to get productive it.

  • @mrjj I'm just worried that i won't have enough time to master the engine and make a game since i have other stuff i have to study for aswell. I'll take a look at it, see what other people say about it, i'll download the thing try going through some tutorials see how far i can get and then i'll see where it would be better for me to work in. ( Qt or Godot ). Thank you !

    I have one more question. Since i'm making a game, i have to have my own characters, items, enemies, etc. But the problem is, I'm a horrible artist, so is there any kind of a program which i could use to create those characters, items and so on but it wouldn't be as hard to make and it wouldn't take too much skill ?

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    The Godot 2d is very accessible so try for 1 evening to see how far you can get.

    How long do you have for the game ?

    Regarding items and such.
    There are many free asset packs to be had.
    Especially for 2d. You should be able to find most you need for the game.

  • @mrjj
    I will try it out someday this week, after the exam.

    I believe i have time till April next year, something like that.

    Thank you for the links, tho i will have to have see with my professor to see if i can put them in, i was told that i have to make them on my own ( i could just put them in without them knowing it and say that i made them, but i don't want to have any problems when presenting my project ).

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    Well that should be ok time.
    Its very normal to use premade assets for student games.

    it really is both hard and time-consuming to make a walking man.
    even in 2d. So i hope you are allowed.

    How is your coding?

  • @mrjj
    hh so do i.
    What do you mean by how is my coding ?
    I've been learning C++ for last 2 years ( in school ). watched some Youtube videos on how to make games in Qt and made 3 games in the last 6 months. Unfortunately my professors didn't really take a good look at the games i've made so i don't know very much what i could've done differently or better ... They aren't even close to being amazing, but i believe it's a good start.
    I hope that's what you meant by my coding....

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    Yes exactly.
    That sounds good.
    So you are already into programming a lot and
    that will help you big time.

    You can also use c++ with Godot but even im hardcore c++ lover
    and python normally is not my cup of tea i must confess
    its GDScript was so high level that using c++ quickly felt
    less optimal.
    Should only take a day or 2 to forgot you miss c++ and have fun with the engine.

  • @mrjj
    I'll try working with it and i'll see how it goes. Thank you very much for everything !

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