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QWebEngineView: PySide2 5.13.x, OpenGl Buffer error when freezing with pyinstaller

  • Hello,
    in our qt for python application we use a QWebEngineView to display some html files. We freeze our application using pyinstaller. Up to now, this worked like a charm.

    Now, with qt 5.13.x we have a problem when freezing the application. Only on older computer (I cannot specify this more), we observed, that the application simply crashes without giving any error message, as soon the webview is displayed. As I said, we observed this only on older computers, on newer once everything works fine. With older I mean maybe 10 years old, but with a recent win 10 system (1809).

    When adding the complete PySide2 folder (as it can be found in the site-packages folder of the python installation) to the freezed application, the application does not crash anymore, but the html files are not shown. Additionally, several weird errors have been printed (each of that two several times):

    • failed to initialze gl for SharedContextState
    • context result maximum render buffer too small (0 instead 512)

    So it seems, that there is something not working properly with OpenGl.

    Executing the python code directly, that means without freezing the application, works fine on that old computers. It is only when the application is freezed. Even freezing the application on a "older" computer, does not solve the problem.

    With qt 5.12.4, we do not observer this behavior, it works freezed and non-freezed on every computer.

    On the same time, I have the feeling that the webengineview in qt 5.13.x is faster more repsonsive. Is that possible. Additionally, with qt 5.12.4, we observed that the webview becomes completely black and not responsive anymore. This happens irregularly. That's why I would like to upgrade.

    Does anybody experience something similar? Is this a bug in qt 5.13.x?

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