QtCreator constantly "forgetting" CMake property settings

  • QtCreator is for me the tool of choice for C++ programming, and CMake is the build tool that I at least prefer over qmake because it is much more powerful - plus the base of all my projects is done with cmake anyway.

    The good thing is that it looks like QtCreator is gradually more and more going into supporting cmake projects directly, so things are growing together that belong together.

    Only one thing I will never understand: Why is the QtCreator so completely destructive if it is about cmake properties?

    So many times I already had that case, and just now it happened again: for some reason (which I will never find out!), QtCreator has decided to "forget" all my property settings in the project. If this is just one or two it's just a nuisance, but if it is much more it is really a nightmare! Because entering them with the "project settings" in QtCreator is not fun at all - mostly because paths have to be entered manually or with copy and paste. Much better is the cmake-gui tool already - and even better the method of choice of the cmake programmers at Kitware: they write a longer set of properties into a settings file and import it directly through cmake -C <settings file>.

    But then you take that nicely prepared project, open it in QtCreator - and in many cases the QtCreator will again KILL EVERYTHING - for no obvious or understandable reason!

    Meaning: you HAVE TO use that really bad project setup page and redo the entire properiy input. There seems to be a certain "not-invented-here" attitude in place...

    Once this stupid nightmare is over you can start to enjoy the good features of QtCreator!

    QUESTION: Are there any plans to do something serious about this situation in the near future?

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    @cobo said in QtCreator constantly "forgetting" CMake property settings:

    QUESTION: Are there any plans to do something serious about this situation in the near future?

    as far as I know, cmake is going to replace qmake as the default build system with the release of Qt6
    My last information was, that Qt6 shall be released sometime in 2020. If I had to take a guess, I would say sometime near the QtWorldSummit.

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    @cobo said in QtCreator constantly "forgetting" CMake property settings:

    Only one thing I will never understand: Why is the QtCreator so completely destructive if it is about cmake properties?

    Are you removing *.user* file Qt Creator generates? That's where your settings are stored. If you remove that file, Qt Creator will forget your settings.

  • @sierdzio no, that I understood already long ago: I have that .user file in the .gitignore of my project and do not touch it.

    I think that basically there is some very low "contradiction tolerance": whenever QtCreator does not like something for whatever reason - it simply discards the entire setup. I agree that this is not very specific, and as a developer I would have problems to deal with such an "error report" ;-) However, I cannot easily specify much more.

    Maybe just as an example: I am working with ParaView, and if I am doing a full rebuild of the ParaView software (which takes many hours on my system), I tend to first choose many settings in cmake-gui - because in QtCreator it is rather tedious.

    <intermediate remark>For example if it has some errors during the first attempt it does not even bother to display ANY properties: You have to do the setup first with another tool, see what are the bugs (like some missing path etc.) and then manually add that property into the empty setup window in QtCreator.</intermediate remark>

    But while I do the setup with cmake-gui for ParaView, I write down all the changes to options that I apply - because I am pretty sure I will have to enter them again and again! (Ok, the fact that already for the debug version you have to enter the same options once more cannot be blamed to QtCreator - it is a "feature" of cmake itself...).

    After the project is properly set up with cmake-gui and "generated", both release and debug, I try to open it with QtCreator. With some other projects this was already working, and the maximum that happened was some little dialog asking whether "changes" should be accepted or rejected. But in the case of ParaView I tried it already many times throughout the last two years - and it happened really every time: the ENTIRE setup was gone after the project was read into QtCreator!

    And this is where my notes on paper are coming out: I redo all the changes that I did with the cmake-gui - and again I do it twice, for both the release and the debug version.

    Not sure if this is already good enough for a reproducible error report because of course I am also using specific tools on a specific system etc. etc.

    In the case of ParaView, my conclusion is often most of the time: just do NOT use QtCreator at all for the build - just start ninja on the command line after the "generation".

    The only disadvantage is then if I want to understand certain functionalities a bit better: then the facilities of navigating through the large code are just first class with QtCreator - and of course also a debug run requires a build that has succeeded from within QtCreator!

    This just as a bit more of illustration of the struggle.

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    Try discussing it on Qt Creator mailing list, maybe? Once you pinpoint it better you would then be able to add a proper bug report in Qt bug tracker.


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