Locked Out of Qt Creator After Qt Subscription Expired

  • Hi I have a unique situation... I let my commercial Qt subscription expire since I'm not actively developing my commercial program currently however I'd like to be able to work on my other non-commercial programs for the time being. When I start Qt Creator it complains "Qt license(s) have expired..." and then quits. Any ideas how to remedy this situation? I tried renaming the license .ini files in AppData\Roaming\Qt with no luck. Also dug around the registry and didn't find anything. Might have to try an uninstall/reinstall...



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    AFAIK, it would likely be faster for you to install the GPL/LGPL version of Qt/Qt Creator.

  • Thanks SGaist. So I uninstalled today and re-downloaded the online installer after following the go open source link here. The installer defaulted to using my old email and password which didn't work since the subscription had expired, so I just deleted the email and password fields then a skip button showed up below which I clicked, allowing me to install open source Qt.

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    Sorry I wasn't clearer, that's what I meant when suggesting the installation of the OpenSource version.

  • You were plenty clear :)

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