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Cross compiling QT webengine for RPI0/1 (armv6 target)

  • Hi there! I followed many guides to successfully cross compile QT 5.12.x for Raspberry PI. I had success for RPI3 targets but i cannot build for RPI0 because there is no working available gcc toolchain that meets both QTwebengine (gcc > 5.0) and RPI0 target (armv6) requirements. Standard RPI tools gcc toolchains versions are < 5.0, and linaro gcc toolchains only supports armv7 and armv8 targets.

    When using 3rd party toolchains on the web i always have problems with missing crt1.o and other libraries, when used into a sysroot environment (used by the guide above to cross compile QT).

    Could someone help me and win a good pizza and beer? ;-)

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