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why qt dont create .deb for ubuntu

  • why dont copy .so files to /usr/lib and
    qtcreator and other tools to /usr/bin ?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Doing it the way they currently do allows you to have multiple Qt versions in parallel for development without clashing with your own distribution packages.

  • thank you,
    is that for one case? any other reason there is?

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    Do you mean any other reason that the Qt Company doesn't provide packages specific to one Linux distribution ?

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    @alipanahi2 said in why qt dont create .deb for ubuntu:

    thank you,
    is that for one case? any other reason there is?

    Another reason is ease of maintenance - there is ONE installer, not dozens of DEB and RPM packages for each distribution.

    Yet another reason - installer allows you to install locally (for current user only), without root access.

    And finally - installation to /usr/ would cause Qt debug libraries to be in system search paths. Apps in your OS might then run with them instead of release ones. Also, this is another issue - distribution usually builds all apps against single Qt version (sometimes with custom patches applied!), and it may be different from one you want to install. So it could happen that you installed new Qt version into /usr and suddenly your apps stop working.

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