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Calling spawnv from Qt creator crashes

  • I am using the latest version (4.9.2 qt 5.12.4) on a windows 10 system using mingw. I am using spawnv of ffprobe, with pipes, to gather information on video files. When I run this from qt creator against many files it runs very slow and blinks all the windows on both screens. The system becomes so unresponsive that I must hit reset to regain control. If I run it outside qt creator it works fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've tried it both from terminal and not. For now I have added a command line parameter when running from qt creator and simply don't do a spawnv.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you have any library that ffprobe depends on in multiple places on your system ?

  • Thanks, ffprobe.exe is all that's required. It works for a couple of cycles, it's when there's 100's. Then the windows, even from other applications altogether (e.g. firefox), flicker. Running the very same image from a command prompt seems to work fine.

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    What about using QProcess to run ffprobe ? It has the advantage of being cross-platform.

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