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Auto generate PDF's

  • Hello Everyone,

    I need to auto-generate a PDF within my program, then send it via email. I have a 3rd party software I can use to send the emails, but to use it, I first need to create PDF without leaving my CPP program.

    Currently, we do most of our report writing through I'm not sure quite where to start on this.



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    Qt has the class,
    that should have everything you need to create across platforms PDF's

  • Thats great!! Thanks so much!

  • Looks like that is only available in qt-5 and up? We are currently in 4.4.3. I know we need to update...just haven't yet. What are my options with what we currently have?

  • @scott-krise I was going to suggest using Poppler library, but it looks like it's also tied to Qt 5...

  • @scott-krise
    For Qt 4, the only way I know might work is: does the QPrinter support print-to-PDF-and-save-to-file? In code I upgraded from 4 to 5 I think that's how they were doing save PDF from Qt.

  • Pretty sure Qt4.7 had the PDF support in the Print Dialog..


    Or you could try..

    void AppData::ConvertToPDF( QString thefile )
      // load a place holder image and output in .pdf format
      // input:  filename of what to convert
      // output: input file converted to PDF
      // NOTE: you may need to experiment with output canvas dimensions
      //       tested with .jpg and .png
      #if DEBUG_PDF
      qDebug() << "*AppData::ConvertToPDF:";
      // initialize a source and destination path..different on iOS, Android, and Desktop
      //QString docsPath = QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::DocumentsLocation);
      //if ( ! docsPath.endsWith( "/" ) ) docsPath += "/";
      //QPixmap canvas( docsPath + "yourfile.png", nullptr, Qt::AutoColor );
      QString docsPath = ur->docpath;
      // read the graphics file into your "image canvas"
      //QPixmap canvas( docsPath + thefile, nullptr, Qt::AutoColor );
      QImage canvas( docsPath + thefile );
      // change image size to something else ??
      // NOTE: 2400 assumes ~8.5x11 @ 300dpi with margins
      QImage scaled = canvas.scaledToWidth( 2400 );
      // do the printer setup
      QPrinter printer;
      QPainter painter;
      // arbitrary output file name and page format
      printer.setOutputFileName( docsPath + "test.PDF" );
      printer.setOutputFormat( QPrinter::PdfFormat );
      printer.setResolution( 300 );
      //printer.setPageMargins( 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, QPrinter::Inch );
      //printer.setPageMargins( 2.54, 2.54, 2.54, 2.54, QPrinter::Millimeter);
      //printer.setPaperSize( QPrinter::Letter );
      //printer.setFullPage( true );
      // output it to the printer
      painter.begin( &printer );
      //painter.drawPixmap( 0, 0, canvas );
      //painter.drawImage( 0, 0, canvas );
      painter.drawImage( 0, 0, scaled );

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    That's because you are on macOS. The system natively supports printing in a PDF.

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