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QTouch3DInputHandler example?

  • How do I modify a datavisualization widget app C++ code to use QTouch3DInputHandler instead of Q3DInputHandler ? I'm adapting the Qt "surface" data visualization C++ widget example to run on Android, not just on the desktop.

  • Per other examples I configure the "surface" app's Q3DSurface as follows:

    SurfaceGraph::SurfaceGraph(Q3DSurface *surface)
        : m_graph(surface)
        m_graph->setActiveInputHandler(new QTouch3DInputHandler(m_graph));

    (where m_graph points to Q3DSurface)
    When run on my Android device the surface graph is displayed, but the app doesn't respond to my touch input, i.e. I cannot rotate, zoom, or select. In fact if I build the same app for the desktop, the app responds to mouse/wheel commands as usual - somehow it seems the QTouch3DInputHandler is not activated?