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Text selection in model-view implementation

  • Hi, I want to ask if is possible (and how if possible) to make QTreeView's item's text selectable by mouse like when:

    label = QLabel("Selectable text")

    I'm using customized QTreeView, QAbstractListModel and QStyledItemDelegate.
    Delegate is painting QTextDocument.

    Not sure if these information are enough.

    Can anyone help me please?

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    I believe (if I am understanding what you mean by selectable) that the fields of a QTreeView are by default selectable and/or editable you would have to explicitly turn that off to stop them from being such.

  • I want to be able to do this kind of selection:

    • select text from item and be able to copy selection with shortcut. Like QLabel when you set interaction flag TextSelectableByMouse

  • I describe it incomprehensibly or it's not possible?

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    It required to much research on my part to pursue in the format that it was given and it is not something that I need to do for anything I am working on.

    So you would either need to present it as an MRE (Minimal Reproducible Example) showing how the QLabel works and how that does not work in the QTreeView -- then I can look at that code and determine more easily what it is you are striving to do without having to spend a lot of my time discerning that just to answer your question. Aka you need to do the work to get your question answered not the other way around.

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