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Read Json file

  • i have tried to read a JSON file, but it does not work properly (I'm propbably doing something wrong here).

    Note: functions returns true, so the path is correct.

    PROBLEM -> it returns no data : jsonData is empty and array is empty

    here is my json

        "notes": [{
            "title": "title1",
            "content": "content1"
        }, {
            "title": "title2",
            "content": "content2"

    here is my function

    QJsonArray NotesManager::getNotesFromJson() const{
        QFile file("notes.json"); | QIODevice::Text); //returns true
        QByteArray jsonData = file.readAll(); //jsonData is empty
        QJsonDocument document = QJsonDocument::fromJson(jsonData);
        QJsonObject object = document.object();
        QJsonValue value = object.value("notes");
        return value.toArray(); // returns array with no elements

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    hi @zer0 and welcome

    You didn't check, if the file exists before attempting to open it. If the file does not exist, that calling open will create it. IIRC

    SO your path is most likely wrong

  • thanks, you are right.

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