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Installing Qt Data Visualization

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    You can get the installer by starting from here.

    However, what version of Qt are you using ?
    How did you install it ?

  • @sgaist - I have Qt 5.12.1. I believe that Qt was installed from that link you provided. I see the MaintenanceTool in the Qt directory on my machine, but how exactly to specify the repository for Qt Data Visualization? I'm running ubuntu 16.04. Thanks!

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    The online installer should give access to all what you want. IIRC, the structure has changed a bit recently so you may have to search bit.

  • @sgaist - Thanks for that info. I got the downloader as you suggested from here. When I ran the downloader I specified the latest Qt version 5.13.0 and checked the "Qt Data Visualization" box in the list of add-ons. Everything seems to have downloaded and installed. I'm using Qt Creator visual design editor and I want to import data visualization; I select Library->Imports->Add Import->QtDataVisualization 1.3 (listed as a choice). But after doing that, the Navigator panel has an error saying 'module "QtDataVisualization" is not installed'. I seem to be missing an installation step, but what?

  • Moreover most of the Qt Creator visualization examples that I just downloaded crash after startup on my ubuntu machine with message "OpenGL version is too low, at least 2.1 is required". I do not understand why because glxinfo indicates "OpenGL version string: 4.5 Mesa 18.0.5". I've apparently got some weird configuration error, but I don't know what it is.

  • I verified that Qt that I retrieved yesterday with the online downloader already contains everything in the qtdatavis3d git repository. Just to be sure I retrieved, built, and installed qtdatavis3d repository per these instructions. Added "QT += datavisualization" to my .pro file per the Qt Data Visualization Known Issues page. Yet while qt creator designer offers "QtDataVisualization 1.3" as an import, the import fails with designer error message 'found not working import... "QtDataVisualization" is not installed'. What am I missing?

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