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What does "error: cycle in targets detected: \obj\_cuda.obj" mean??

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to compile an project with QtCreator (qmake) and Visualstudio 2017Compiler. I am getting following error, but have no idea what it means.

    error: cycle in targets detected: \obj\_cuda.obj

    Anybody an idea what the error message means?

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    Do you have any CUDA code in your project ?
    Any file with cuda in its name ?

  • It looks to me like an unresolved macro in either the .pro, .pri or .prf files used by the project.
    I'm guessing somewhere there is a $$MACRO_VARIABLE_cuda.obj dependency that isn't being resolved.

  • Accidentally got Error: cycle in targets detected: ui_.h after I add h-, cpp- and ui-files to project.
    Sometime after using context menu "Add Existing Files...." of the project backslash-space-backslash instead single backslash appended after added filename in the pro-file.

    FORMS += \
        gui/mainwindow.ui \ \

    That '\ \' causes Error: cycle in targets detected.

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