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  • I'm trying to deploy my QT app from TravisCI by using linuxdeployqt to make an AppImage and deploy that. I'm using QT 5.12.3. First of all, I have that all working fine. TravisCI can compile it, package it, and deploy it to GitHub. So far, so good.

    But, my app comes with help documentation. On a normal compile it works fine. In the AppImage it does not - all help is blank. I thought that perhaps I put the help files in the wrong spot - it is a little complicated initially getting all the files to the proper spots in the AppImage.. So, I used "mount" to mount the AppImage. Manually running my program from this mounted location has the same behavior - the help comes up blank. If I copy/paste all the files from the AppImage to a folder on my PC and try to run it then magically the help shows up fine. It is the exact same files in the exact same directory lay out each time. The only difference is that an AppImage is read only so nothing can write into the file system. This makes me wonder if QtHelp requires write access to the help files for some reason?! Is it possible that it won't play nicely if it cannot open the help file for writing? How could I get around this? Does nobody use QtHelp from within an AppImage packaged QT app?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    This is an issue you should bring to the linuxdeployqt developers. You might be one if not the first building such a use case.

    I would recommend making a simple project that reproduces this, that will help the developers see what's going on.

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