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Resize a table in QTextEdit with mouse?

  • How do you resize a table in QTextEdit using your mouse? Some text editors have the ability to create tables and when you hover over one side of the table, you're able to stretch out or reduce the width/heigh of the entire table. I insert a table using the following method

    void MainWindow::insert_table() {
        QTextCursor cursor = textEdit->textCursor();
        QTextTableFormat format;
        QTextTable *table = cursor.insertTable(5, 5, format);

    but the table in not resizable inside the textEdit using the mouse! Is there a way to do this?

  • I am guessing this is a really difficult thing to do, since nobody is answering. Does anybody know where I can get in contact with a professional Qt C++ programmer or some chat group / chat where I might find the answer?

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    Please allow at least 24 hours before bumping you own thread. People answering on this forum do it on their own time and might not live in the same timezone as you.

    If you would like to have more live interaction you can use the #qt irc channel.

    You have the other channels in this wiki article.

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