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Why I can't get any touch event on ARM-Linux

  • I want to distinguish between mouse event and touch event, also the touch screen works. But I just got event about mouse ( press, release , move ....). Do my drivers have something different, like converting touch event into mouse event? Thank you~

  • I found something on other topics

    export QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS=/dev/input/event0

    Should I do the same, and I found touchscreen0 in this path.

    :/dev/input# ls
    by-path  event0  event1  event2  keypad  mice  mouse0  touchscreen0

    Is event0 or touchscreen0?

  • I can get touch event ,but the gesture event still without any type but pinchGesture, I want to use panGesture to control the graphicsView and pinchGesture to zoom in/out. How to do that?

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