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QSocket - change from old QT.... whats new ?

  • Hey

    So I'm in need of updating an old app which was made in much older QT... like 5.1 or something like that. In any case the app was connecting to photoshop but now the same code yeld unknownStatus/ failed connection.... I was using socket->connectToHost() before and now. So I guess the default implementation/flags must have changed or something like that?

    I'm fairly "green" with tcp... so any idea how to run it in old legacy version?


  • @Dariusz

    There should be another issue. I have taken over my code for use of QSocket from Qt 4 without an issue. I think I have changed fromto Qt 4.8 to 5.2 or so. IIRC there was nothing to be adapted.

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    You have a porting guide here in Qt's documentation.

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