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Reuse the Qt Creator code editor in my application

  • I see there was a person that separated the editor from Qt Creator and shared it back in Qt 4 (, has anyone ever tried this or achieved this for Qt 5?
    Does anyone have an idea of what would be required to achieve this?


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    I am not aware of such an effort.

    One thing that you might also be interested in is KDE's KTextEditor.

  • Thanks for the reply @SGaist

    That's my initial intention, but I've been trying to build it on Windows 10 for the past few days but I've come into a blocker, KDE Craft somehow says it requires libssh2 and I haven't been able to get past that, that's why I wanted to ask for alternatives.

    If you have access to a Win10 machine and are able to get libssh2 with KDE Craft, please let me know how, my main issue is that its automatic make command forcefully wants to build libssh2 with parallel builds (make -jX) but it fails because it needs to be built through a single process, and I've tried many ways to get it to just be a simple make, or make -j1 with no avail.

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    I don't have such a machine at hand.

    One thing I would try though is built libssh2 by hand and make it available to Craft.

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