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PySide 2 development facilities

  • Maybe "RTFM" or "set it up yourself and see", but, comparing where I am presently in PyQt with what I might achieve in PySide 2, a couple of questions which you might be able to provide me with brief overview answers:

    • Does Qt Creator IDE provide editing support for Python, and if so how good?

    • Can you design Qt widget layout in Qt Creator if you are developing for PySide 2? I kinda suspect not.... With PyQt you could do it, but (I think) you had to have separate steps to turn the generated ui file into Python,, or something like that, which are all a bit hokey....

    • What happens for run-time debugging? I believe Qt Creator C++ debugging UI relies on hooking onto gdb.

    I have found that PyCharm IDE is a decent editing and debugging environment for Python. I would be loathe to use anything less. I'm thinking that Qt Creator does not have such support for Python?

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    Is this just an endorsement for a particular IDE or is there actually some non-rhetorical question(s) woven into this some where?

  • @Denni-0

    Is this just an endorsement for a particular IDE or is there actually some non-rhetorical question(s) woven into this some where?

    Are you serious? Of course it's not an endorsement for the IDE I (happen to) use.

    Are there any non-rhetorical questions? Yep, there are 3 really specific ones, each with a bullet point against it, and a question mark in the text. Just so nobody could miss them. Nothing at all rhetorical.

    If you don't use PySide 2, or you don't use an IDE, or you don't use a debugger, you won't know the answers. If you don't know how Qt Creator works for C++, and you don't know how that compares to when you use PySide 2, you won't know the answers. If you do, you'll recognise the 3 questions are perfectly reasonable.

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    Very good questions.
    I have not tried it myself yet but it seems that the Design part is still 2 step.

  • @mrjj
    Thanks for a sensible/helpful answer :)

    The background is that I'm thinking of changing over from PyQt + PyCharm IDE/debugger to PySide 2 + whatever it does or does not do IDE/debugger-wise inside Qt Creator. Partly for the LGPL, partly in the hope of getting a more "integrated" experience at design/debug time, compared to where I am now.

    I'll follow your link. That will tell me about the UI design phase. I'm still left with not knowing how debugging Python goes, because if Qt Creator debugging is still tied to gdb (that's how it works for C++, right, if you use MSVC you don't get debugging in Creator, is that right?) it's not going to work for Python. Clearly I need to do some reading, I was just looking to see if someone who had used them (I know you are not a Pythonista) had a quick summary on the questions.

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    I have actually been wondering the same since PySide 2 is a first-class citizen now and not
    just a language binding.

    If you dont get any good answers here, i would ask on the mail list to the Qt devs.

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    @JonB uh yes I was serious because your bulleted questions did sort of seem like rhetorical questions to me for many (but not all) of the reasons that you listed. Aka they could be read as such

    bullet one rhetorical - No and not very good
    bullet two rhetorical - No it cannot
    bullet three rhetorical - It relies on gdb

    So that being said perhaps it will help you to know how what you typed can be interpreted based on the words you use when posing your questions. Perhaps a leading statement of context would have helped -- aka if you do not know these specific things these next set of questions will most likely be meaningless to you.

    Further your subsequent reply to me has the air of degradation to it although I cannot say that was your intent just seems to come across that way just food for thought

  • @Denni-0
    Hi Denni,

    Your response of

    Is this just an endorsement for a particular IDE or is there actually some non-rhetorical question(s) woven into this some where?

    bugged me, I did find it mildly offensive/irritating. I don't think my questions could be interpreted as an "endorsement for an IDE" and they are certainly not rhetorical, not even vaguely, each one is very specific. Perhaps when you have been on this forum as long as I & others have you might see things differently. I don't think there's any point discussing this further.

    Thankfully @mrjj did not see things your way. So, yes, my response to you did then have the intention of being irritated (though not "degradation").

    That said, perhaps we can move on. No hard feelings. All the best.

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