Deploying a QML widget embedded in a QQuickWidget in Windows

  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to get the list of dlls/files to deploy with my Qt application (desktop using Qt Widgets) were I just developed a new windget using QML (embedded in a QQuickWidget) on a Windows 10 OS.

    I tried to use the Windeployqt tool but I do not know why is not getting anything related with QML only the usual list of stuff we used to deploy. This is how I use the tool:

    • I set the windeployqt tool path in the environment PATH variable.
    • I execute the tool from a command line from the folder were my exe is.
    • This is the command line: windeployqt -qmldir C:......\resources\qml Myexe.exe (C:......\resources\qml is the actual path where all my qml files are even they got embedded in the exe file resources).

    At the end I ended up by selecting manually all the things to install what is not really convenient because I am not sure if I am missing something that is going to be detected later on in field and also is a cumbersome process that I will need to repeat if I keep adding QML stuff.

    Anyway, my second question a part from trying to figure out how to use the windeployqt tool is....I am adding only the required dlls and qmldir files but I need to add also the OpacityMask.qml file from GraphicalEffects folder....this is the only qml file I need to add and if I remove it the widget is not working. This looks a bit weird to me....why only this one??

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!


  • @JDePedro
    Ok. I found the cause why I was not getting anything QML related from the tool. My widget is not in the exe file but in a DLL so I had to specify the dll instead.

    But the list of files the tool is getting is huge compared with the one I got by doing the process "manually" and includes most of the .qml files. So my doubt is, do we need to deploy all this files with my application? is not enough with the dlls???