Yocto Qt multimedia QML plugins missing

  • Hello
    I am working on Linux embedded board with iMX6ULL and Yocto.
    I want to use QML multimedia elements in my application, but QML multimedia plugins are not generated during bitbake build process.
    I have following QT elements added to my Linux image:

       qtbase \
       qtbase-plugins \
       qtserialport \
       qt5-env \
       libxkbcommon \
       qtquickcontrols \
       qtquickcontrols2 \
       qtmultimedia \
       qtmultimedia-plugins \
       qtmultimedia-qmlplugins \
       gstreamer1.0 \
       gstreamer1.0-libav \
       gstreamer1.0-plugins-good \
       gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad \
       gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx \

    qtbase is build with config(framebuffer output, no X11/wayland):

    PACKAGECONFIG_append = " no-opengl accessibility fontconfig linuxfb libinput xkbcommon"
    PACKAGECONFIG_remove = " examples tests gbm eglfs gl gles2 kms"

    And qt multimedia with gstreamer backend:

    PACKAGECONFIG_append = "gstreamer"

    Qt QML modules like qtquickcontrols2 works. I can run gallery demo, but any other QML example with multimedia module returns:

    QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
    qrc:/main.qml:3 module "QtMultimedia" is not installed

    By the way camera example with standard qtwidgets - no QML works.

    My issue on github

    Maybe I am doing something wrong, maybe it's a bug. How to get QML multimedia plugins on Linux embedded with Yocto?

  • @Qb4-dev Did you add QT += multimedia to your .pro file? Didn't really look much into the git hub link, but on a quick check I didn't find any .pro to see for myself.

  • Yes, i have QT += multimedia in my .pro file. I am trying to run programs from QT examples, but I haven't QML multimedia plugins inside my Linux embedded system. In /usr/lib/qml there is no QtMultimedia directory with multimedia plugins needed to use QML multimedia elements like Camera or MediaPlayer

    root# opkg files qtmultimedia-qmlplugins
    Package qtmultimedia-qmlplugins (5.12.3+git0+64981aee3b-r0) is installed on root and has the following files:

    Doesn't return any installed file.

  • Hi,
    are you sure that, you have installed qtmultimedia? it is not included inside default packages.

    sudo apt-get install qtmultimedia5-* qml-module-qtmultimedia 

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