How to implement basic authentication for video URLs in Qt app?

    1.  How to properly  implement supplying authentication parameters in http request headers, some using http basic authentication headers, some custom headers, for an URL that is used as video source for video playback , in Qt app?
    2.  Is it possible to open a video URL that requires http basic authentication or custom request headers using the Video player application that comes with the device, and can this be launched from Qt app?

    Both streaming and downloading the video file cases should be considered.

  • For 1). take a look at "QNetworkRequest::setRawHeader()":

  • Yes, I'm familiar with that method; but I don't seem to get it working for any video source requests that are used by Mobility Multimedia class methods, like QMediaPlayer.setMedia() on Symbian (tested on Nokia C7). On MeeGo that approach on the other hand does seem to work properly.

    Anybody with known working solution for Symbian^3?

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