Cmake Configuration for Qt Cross Compilation at Raspberry Zero

  • I need to cross compile lgvl Demo sample ( Beautiful font package based on C++ )into my Raspberry, SO i selected the Qt Creator which i have successfully cross compiled my others project in QT And C++, So i run it via my Linux MINT LMDE via Qt with this Cmake Settings;

    cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)
    file(GLOB_RECURSE LVGL_SRC "lvgl/*.c" )
    add_library(lvgl ${LVGL_SRC})
    file(GLOB_RECURSE LVGL_DVR_SRC "lv_drivers/*.c" )
    add_library(lvgl_drv ${LVGL_DVR_SRC})
    file(GLOB_RECURSE DEMO_SRC  "lv_examples/lv_apps/demo/*.[ch]")
    #file(GLOB CONF_HEADERS "*.h")
    #file(GLOB DEMO_SRC "*.h")
    file(GLOB_RECURSE DEMO_SRC2  "lv_examples/lv_apps/benchmark/*.[ch]")
    file(GLOB_RECURSE DEMO_SRC4  "lv_examples/lv_tests/lv_test_group/*.[ch]")
    file(GLOB_RECURSE DEMO_SRC3  "lv_examples/lv_tests/lv_test_theme/*.[ch]")
    file(GLOB_RECURSE DEMO_SRC5  "lv_examples/lv_tests/lv_test_objx/lv_test_imgbtn/*.[ch]")
    #add_library(lvgl_con_inc ${LV_CONF_INCLUDE_SIMPLE})
    #add_executable(demo  "main.c" ${CONF_HEADERS} ${DEMO_SRC})
    add_executable(demo ${DEMO_SRC5} ${DEMO_SRC3} ${DEMO_SRC4} ${DEMO_SRC2} ${DEMO_SRC} "main.c" "lv_conf.h" "lv_ex_conf.h" "lv_drv_conf.h" "mouse_cursor_icon.c")
    target_link_libraries(demo  lvgl lvgl_drv ${SDL2_LIBRARIES})

    my main. file is:

     * @file main
     *      INCLUDES
    #define _DEFAULT_SOURCE /* needed for usleep() */
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <unistd.h>
    #define SDL_MAIN_HANDLED        /*To fix SDL's "undefined reference to WinMain" issue*/
    #include <SDL2/SDL.h>
    #include "lvgl/lvgl.h"
    #include "lv_drivers/display/monitor.h"
    #include "lv_drivers/display/fbdev.h"
    #include "lv_drivers/indev/mouse.h"
    #include "lv_drivers/indev/mousewheel.h"
    #include "lv_drivers/indev/keyboard.h"
    #include "lv_examples/lv_apps/demo/demo.h"
    #include "lv_examples/lv_apps/benchmark/benchmark.h"
    #include "lv_examples/lv_tests/lv_test.h"
     *      DEFINES
    /*On OSX SDL needs different handling*/
    #if defined(__APPLE__) && defined(TARGET_OS_MAC)
    # if __APPLE__ && TARGET_OS_MAC
    #define SDL_APPLE
    # endif
     *      TYPEDEFS
    static void hal_init(void);
    static int tick_thread(void * data);
    static void memory_monitor(lv_task_t * param);
     *      MACROS
    int main(int argc, char ** argv)
        (void) argc;    /*Unused*/
        (void) argv;    /*Unused*/
        /*Initialize LittlevGL*/
        /*Initialize the HAL (display, input devices, tick) for LittlevGL*/
        /*Create a demo*/
        /*Try the benchmark to see how fast your GUI is*/
        //    benchmark_create();
        /*Check the themes too*/
        //    lv_test_theme_1(lv_theme_night_init(15, NULL));
        //    lv_test_theme_2();
        /*Try the touchpad-less navigation (use the Tab and Arrow keys or the Mousewheel)*/
        //    lv_test_group_1();
        while(1) {
            /* Periodically call the lv_task handler.
             * It could be done in a timer interrupt or an OS task too.*/
            usleep(5 * 1000);
    #ifdef SDL_APPLE
            SDL_Event event;
            while(SDL_PollEvent(&event)) {
    #if USE_MOUSE != 0
    #if USE_MOUSEWHEEL != 0
        return 0;
    lv_res_t ICON_LVGL_runLength_info(lv_img_decoder_t * decoder, const void * src, lv_img_header_t * header)
        (void)decoder; /*Unused*/
        lv_img_src_t src_type = lv_img_src_get_type(src);
        if(src_type == LV_IMG_SRC_VARIABLE) {
            lv_img_cf_t cf = ((lv_img_dsc_t *)src)->;
            if(cf != LV_IMG_CF_USER_ENCODED_0) return LV_RES_INV;
            header->w  = ((lv_img_dsc_t *)src)->header.w;
            header->h  = ((lv_img_dsc_t *)src)->header.h;
            header->cf = ((lv_img_dsc_t *)src)->;
            return LV_RES_OK;
        } else {
            return LV_RES_INV;
     * Initialize the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for the Littlev graphics library
    static void hal_init(void)
        /* Use the 'monitor' driver which creates window on PC's monitor to simulate a display*/
        /*Create a display buffer*/
        static lv_disp_buf_t disp_buf1;
        static lv_color_t buf1_1[480*10];
        lv_disp_buf_init(&disp_buf1, buf1_1, NULL, 480*10);
        /*Create a display*/
        lv_disp_drv_t disp_drv;
        lv_disp_drv_init(&disp_drv);            /*Basic initialization*/
        disp_drv.buffer = &disp_buf1;
        disp_drv.flush_cb = monitor_flush;    /*Used when `LV_VDB_SIZE != 0` in lv_conf.h (buffered drawing)*/
        //    disp_drv.hor_res = 200;
        //    disp_drv.ver_res = 100;
        /* Add the mouse as input device
         * Use the 'mouse' driver which reads the PC's mouse*/
        lv_indev_drv_t indev_drv;
        lv_indev_drv_init(&indev_drv);          /*Basic initialization*/
        indev_drv.type = LV_INDEV_TYPE_POINTER;
        indev_drv.read_cb = mouse_read;         /*This function will be called periodically (by the library) to get the mouse position and state*/
        lv_indev_t * mouse_indev = lv_indev_drv_register(&indev_drv);
        /*Set a cursor for the mouse*/
        LV_IMG_DECLARE(mouse_cursor_icon);                          /*Declare the image file.*/
        lv_obj_t * cursor_obj =  lv_img_create(lv_disp_get_scr_act(NULL), NULL); /*Create an image object for the cursor */
        lv_img_set_src(cursor_obj, &mouse_cursor_icon);             /*Set the image source*/
        lv_indev_set_cursor(mouse_indev, cursor_obj);               /*Connect the image  object to the driver*/
        /* Tick init.
         * You have to call 'lv_tick_inc()' in periodically to inform LittelvGL about how much time were elapsed
         * Create an SDL thread to do this*/
        SDL_CreateThread(tick_thread, "tick", NULL);
        /* Optional:
         * Create a memory monitor task which prints the memory usage in periodically.*/
        lv_task_create(memory_monitor, 3000, LV_TASK_PRIO_MID, NULL);
     * A task to measure the elapsed time for LittlevGL
     * @param data unused
     * @return never return
    static int tick_thread(void * data)
        while(1) {
            SDL_Delay(5);   /*Sleep for 5 millisecond*/
            lv_tick_inc(5); /*Tell LittelvGL that 5 milliseconds were elapsed*/
        return 0;
     * Print the memory usage periodically
     * @param param
    static void memory_monitor(lv_task_t * param)
        (void) param; /*Unused*/
        lv_mem_monitor_t mon;
        printf("used: %6d (%3d %%), frag: %3d %%, biggest free: %6d\n", (int)mon.total_size - mon.free_size,

    the Whole project code be seen at this github link:

    SO when i change the kit to raspberry kit i get Configuration Failed error in cmake build part of project sidebar part of QT Creator as you can see :

    alt text

    and the build and run buttons are not active.

    So why this happened and how could be solved?


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    @SoheilSabz said in Cmake Configuration for Qt Cross Compilation at Raspberry Zero:

    Configuration Failed

    Please show the output in "General Messages" tab after running CMake, else we can only guess.


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