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[SOLVED] Multimedia Keys in Qt Creator programmed widget based app for Symbian^3

  • Hello everybody

    I'm not able to bring the multimedia keys (volume up, volume down, forward, backward, ...) to work on my N8 with latest Symbian Anna. I used the mediakeysobserver.h / mediakeysobserver.c files from this demo project C:\QtSDK\Demos\4.7\qt-components\musicplayer
    After some time i tested it with the demo project (musicplayer) itself and also this didn't work. The demo itself works and plays music, but not the volume keys. I also signed the app with my developer key to create a smart installer file.

    Does anybody know how i can use the multimedia keys of my N8?
    The best would be the standard pop-up like on the default music player or some other apps like FolderPlay. But i need some other multimedia keys as well.

    Thank you!

  • Ok, seems to not work until Qt 4.8.0; just found these:

    Anyway, is there a dirty hack or something for the multimedia keys to work under the current Qt 4.7.3?
    I need volume up, volume down, play/pause, forward and backward.

    Thank you

  • It's strange, but it works now (using original mediakeysobserver.h / mediakeysobserver.c from QtSDK Demo musicplayer)!

    I had to completely clean the project by deleting all generated files and rebuild. Then i made the mistake to not declare the Clicked/Pressed/Release functions here at "public slots:" as slots but in "public:" which didn't worked.

    Hope this helps if somebody else wants to use multimedia keys with current Qt 4.7.3.
    It works with the buttons on the N8 itself and also remotely with a bluetooth speaker i have which also has some media buttons.

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