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Install Library Phonon

  • Hi,

    I am new in QT and need usualy library phonon, but don't know install in QT for ubuntu 11.

    Pleace, help me!

  • You can search for the complete package name with

    aptitude search phonon

    And you will most likely end up with

    sudo aptitude install libphonon4

    or something similar. If you need to develop with phonon a libphonon4-dev or libphonon-dev will be needed too.

  • ok, got it, I study the code and build the application. thank you

  • Hi ,
    i am new in qt ,i will use the IDE Netbeans 7.2 with Qt Designer 4.7 in linux fedora 17 while installing library phonon via terminal mode i got an Error !
    [root@meltronics Jaya]# aptitude search phonon
    bash: aptitude: command not found...

    pls Help me.

  • aptitude is console based package manager frontend for .deb packages. Fedora is rpm based, so use:
    yum search phonon
    it will give you list of packages containing phrase "phonon"
    Then do
    yum install <package_you_want>
    Of course everything has to be done as root, or prefix each of the commands with "sudo" like:
    sudo yum install <package_name>

  • Hi,

    I am searching phonon and install ,phonon-backend-gstreamer.i686 : Gstreamer phonon backend.But while i will insert the phonon video widget into my form and run the project i got error like....
    /usr/include/phonon/videowidget.h:1:68: fatal error: ../../src/phonon/../3rdparty/phonon/phonon/videowidget.h: No such file or directory

    what can i do,some one pls help me.

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    Did you also install the dev package (IIRC phonon-devel or phonon-dev) ?

  • exactly i don't know .

  • Hi

    I am new in Qt,I need to play video in Qt Designer can any one give me sample code for me OR any sample video player code is there?

    pls give me link.


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